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No need to fear when you have mackeeper

Mackeeper is like having peace of mind for your mac. This all in one app allows you to set things up and then leave it in the background to protect you from everything that may come your way. The anti-virus that comes standard with every mackeeper edition (basic, standard, and premium) will protect you from malware and spyware while duplicates finder will scan for the same file saved in multiple places. However, a personal favourite of the writer is the backup portion of mackeeper mac.

Backup is another great mackeeper addition to this wonderful app. Usually you will have to spend $80 on anti-virus and another $80 or so on a backup app but mackeeper has both of themЧplus moreЧfor the basic price of $38.95 (the price increases with the standard and premium packages). Everyone should get into the habit of backing up their data, not just people who use their macs for work. ItТs amazing how much of ourselves we have on our computers, not just information but our cherished photos and beloved videos. It would be horrible if these were to disappear and with Backup you can be sure that they never will no matter what happens to your mac. Backup is very easy to use; you just select the file or folder that you want to backup, choose where you want to save the backup to, and then select to backup now manually or set a schedule that will automatically back up the file monthly weekly daily or hourly.

Mackeeper mac gives you multiple ways of backing up and storing your precious data. You can save it to an USB stick if the data is small enough or an external hard drive for those items that are a little bit bigger. You can also upload them to an FTP server so you can access your back ups from anywhere. Coming soon is the ZeoDisk function where every mackeeper user can backup, sync, and share their data using this cloud service. ZeoDisk is mackeeper macs version of the iCloud where people can store and share their documents and files. By saving your Backup files and folders to ZeoDisk you can be sure that they are safe without having to worry about space. This is still under development but at the moment mackeeper say that every member will have use of this function.
You can download a full free trial of mackeeper and see what the fuss is about.

Best Antivirus for Your Macbook

Do you love your Macbook? If you do, you must have downloaded the Mackeeper software from its official website at The Mackeeper software has been designed by the renowned makers of the Zeobit software, an anti-virus for Windows operations. The Mackeeper is designed to not only safeguard your Mac but to enrich it with tons of different types of functions that allow you to have a greater control over your Mac. From cleaning to data control and security, the Mackeeper has it all. The MacKeeper has a very interesting clean up facility. It allows you to undergo quick clean-ups through its filtered clean ups. You can opt for having all your log records cleaned, or all duplicated in your system to be found out and cleaned. The control is completely in your hands. Another facility that your MacKeeper provides to you is a facility to ensure that your records and data are sufficiently backed-up.
However the key potency of the MacKeeper is the anti-virus software. When you download the Mackeeper from Mackeeper com, the anti-virus component automatically starts running. The anti-virus is a very complex and stringent software that covers various components of security. The anti-virus protects your Mac from not only Mac viruses but Windows viruses as well. This is because, even though Windows viruses may not be completely lethal to a Mac, but it may still affect the functioning of a Macbook in a negative manner. Other functions played by the anti-virus is protecting your Mac from phishing attacks and transferring of viruses and malicious software through the internet.
The internet is a hub for malicious software. May it be through e-mails or unwarranted sites or even instant messenger, viruses, spyware and malware are bound to be spread. The MacKeeper protects your Macbook from Mac spyware and Mac malware as well.
However, along with having a good anti-virus installed, it is important that you carry out other safety measures to ensure that your Mac stays safe and problem free. Always ensure that the browser you are using is secure. Secure does not mean that if you have a renowned browser, it is all ok. A secure browser is one which does not let pop-ups occur unnecessarily. Also, tune your settings to not allow java script from most sites unless absolutely necessary.
Update your anti-virus software as and when the updates come up. This is for the simple reason that anti-viruses work in two manners; proactive and reactive. The proactive anti-virus component contains a dictionary of all viruses around and this dictionary gets updated with every update. It is hence necessary to update your anti-virus and security patches as and when the pop up comes.

Discount Offers on MacKeeper Applications

MacKeeper is an application which is used to clean up all the unusual files on your Mac system. It is, perhaps, the most widely used software which not only clears all the unwanted programs and files on your PC, but also increases its efficiency as such. This application program is created by the ZeoBIT Technologies and is really helpful for the health of your Mac PC.

Acquiring a MacKeeper application program with all its features can be costly for an ordinary individual. However, the inventors of this program have also provided a facility of giving up discounts on coupons for the purpose of Macintosh PC users to gain access to the best care provider of their system.

Technically speaking, MacKeeper application software can cost you for $39.95 for a lifetime membership to use the program features. Buying this application can be costly for an ordinary man, thereby, lowering down his purchasing power. This was the basis on which the company launched the marketing strategy of MacKeeper Discount.

MacKeeper coupon code s differ from one user to another. The inventors of these discount offers have processed a way through which the users of the software are issued a coupon for the readers of TechJaws. These coupon codes, in return, provide a discount of 20% of the said cost. Furthermore other discount coupons also allow a leniency of up to 50% cut off in the original price of the software.

Examples of MacKeeper Discounts
Х A cut off of 15% is allowed on the spring 11 coupon code of the said program.

Х 10% discount is offered on a Holiday 10 code.

Х 20 coupon code holds the provision of 20% discount on the purchase of CleanMyMac application software.

Х A MacKeeper application program includes user-interface and many other facilities which will definitely be helpful for your Mac system. A MacKeeper coupon code offer, on the other hand, provides a variety of concessions which makes the use of this program affordable. Combining both the factors of efficiency and discounted price, it can be fairly said that MacKeeper programs are the best available option for keeping your Mac systemТs performance at its peak.

All in all, in can be summarized, that through CleanMyMac Discounts, it has become quite convenient for Mac users to acquire this application program. CleanMyMac Discounts can be obtained from the official website of the company. It also provides a number of extensions, which are in accordance with the type of computer programming system you own.

The great things about mackeeper

Mackeeper has had a lot of bad press lately and itТs time that there was a mackeeper review to tell you about all of the great things that this app does. Many people confuse mackeeper, which is a legitimate app, with Mac Protector Malware and they think that downloading mackeeper will infect their mac with viruses and spyware. Of course, this isnТt to say that sometimes hackers can get into perfectly good apps and add nasty extras that the creators donТt know about, but unless that happens then itТs proper to know that mackeeper is a legitimate product from a legitimate company.
One really great thing to put into this mackeeper review is the low price of mackeeper. The basic mackeeper is only $38.95 and it comes with the full mackeeper program as well as special access to an e-mail address that is manned 24/7 in case something goes wrong with the product or you have any questions. The standard package is only $58.95 and you two licenses as well as a live chat function and for $88.95 you get licenses for three computers and access to a call centre number where you can speak to a person rather than just typing with them.

Another great thing to mention in this mackeeper review is that itТs not just one type of program. Some companies will charge over $90 for anti-virus software where mackeeper charges less than $40 for security, optimization, cleaning, and data control. The security feature comes with an anti-virus program as well as an anti-theft feature that will help you to track down your mac if it is ever lost or stolen. This service allows you to start your macs webcam so you can take photos of your macs surroundings and maybe even get a photo of the thief. With the optimisation features you can select which apps you want to run at start up and keep track of all of your updates with the update tracker. You can also use the duplicates finder in the cleaning section to optimise your mac by getting rid of duplicate saved files.

This is not a typical mackeeper review because I have never used mackeeper before but it is a great article that hopefully showed you all of the good that comes out of one app. Consider mackeeper the next time you want to protect your mac or just make it run faster.

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