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Best Antivirus for Your Macbook

Do you love your Macbook? If you do, you must have downloaded the Mackeeper software from its official website at The Mackeeper software has been designed by the renowned makers of the Zeobit software, an anti-virus for Windows operations. The Mackeeper is designed to not only safeguard your Mac but to enrich it with tons of different types of functions that allow you to have a greater control over your Mac. From cleaning to data control and security, the Mackeeper has it all. The MacKeeper has a very interesting clean up facility. It allows you to undergo quick clean-ups through its filtered clean ups. You can opt for having all your log records cleaned, or all duplicated in your system to be found out and cleaned. The control is completely in your hands. Another facility that your MacKeeper provides to you is a facility to ensure that your records and data are sufficiently backed-up.
However the key potency of the MacKeeper is the anti-virus software. When you download the Mackeeper from Mackeeper com, the anti-virus component automatically starts running. The anti-virus is a very complex and stringent software that covers various components of security. The anti-virus protects your Mac from not only Mac viruses but Windows viruses as well. This is because, even though Windows viruses may not be completely lethal to a Mac, but it may still affect the functioning of a Macbook in a negative manner. Other functions played by the anti-virus is protecting your Mac from phishing attacks and transferring of viruses and malicious software through the internet.
The internet is a hub for malicious software. May it be through e-mails or unwarranted sites or even instant messenger, viruses, spyware and malware are bound to be spread. The MacKeeper protects your Macbook from Mac spyware and Mac malware as well.
However, along with having a good anti-virus installed, it is important that you carry out other safety measures to ensure that your Mac stays safe and problem free. Always ensure that the browser you are using is secure. Secure does not mean that if you have a renowned browser, it is all ok. A secure browser is one which does not let pop-ups occur unnecessarily. Also, tune your settings to not allow java script from most sites unless absolutely necessary.
Update your anti-virus software as and when the updates come up. This is for the simple reason that anti-viruses work in two manners; proactive and reactive. The proactive anti-virus component contains a dictionary of all viruses around and this dictionary gets updated with every update. It is hence necessary to update your anti-virus and security patches as and when the pop up comes.

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