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No need to fear when you have mackeeper

Mackeeper is like having peace of mind for your mac. This all in one app allows you to set things up and then leave it in the background to protect you from everything that may come your way. The anti-virus that comes standard with every mackeeper edition (basic, standard, and premium) will protect you from malware and spyware while duplicates finder will scan for the same file saved in multiple places. However, a personal favourite of the writer is the backup portion of mackeeper mac.

Backup is another great mackeeper addition to this wonderful app. Usually you will have to spend $80 on anti-virus and another $80 or so on a backup app but mackeeper has both of themЧplus moreЧfor the basic price of $38.95 (the price increases with the standard and premium packages). Everyone should get into the habit of backing up their data, not just people who use their macs for work. ItТs amazing how much of ourselves we have on our computers, not just information but our cherished photos and beloved videos. It would be horrible if these were to disappear and with Backup you can be sure that they never will no matter what happens to your mac. Backup is very easy to use; you just select the file or folder that you want to backup, choose where you want to save the backup to, and then select to backup now manually or set a schedule that will automatically back up the file monthly weekly daily or hourly.

Mackeeper mac gives you multiple ways of backing up and storing your precious data. You can save it to an USB stick if the data is small enough or an external hard drive for those items that are a little bit bigger. You can also upload them to an FTP server so you can access your back ups from anywhere. Coming soon is the ZeoDisk function where every mackeeper user can backup, sync, and share their data using this cloud service. ZeoDisk is mackeeper macs version of the iCloud where people can store and share their documents and files. By saving your Backup files and folders to ZeoDisk you can be sure that they are safe without having to worry about space. This is still under development but at the moment mackeeper say that every member will have use of this function.
You can download a full free trial of mackeeper and see what the fuss is about.

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