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The great things about mackeeper

Mackeeper has had a lot of bad press lately and itТs time that there was a mackeeper review to tell you about all of the great things that this app does. Many people confuse mackeeper, which is a legitimate app, with Mac Protector Malware and they think that downloading mackeeper will infect their mac with viruses and spyware. Of course, this isnТt to say that sometimes hackers can get into perfectly good apps and add nasty extras that the creators donТt know about, but unless that happens then itТs proper to know that mackeeper is a legitimate product from a legitimate company.
One really great thing to put into this mackeeper review is the low price of mackeeper. The basic mackeeper is only $38.95 and it comes with the full mackeeper program as well as special access to an e-mail address that is manned 24/7 in case something goes wrong with the product or you have any questions. The standard package is only $58.95 and you two licenses as well as a live chat function and for $88.95 you get licenses for three computers and access to a call centre number where you can speak to a person rather than just typing with them.

Another great thing to mention in this mackeeper review is that itТs not just one type of program. Some companies will charge over $90 for anti-virus software where mackeeper charges less than $40 for security, optimization, cleaning, and data control. The security feature comes with an anti-virus program as well as an anti-theft feature that will help you to track down your mac if it is ever lost or stolen. This service allows you to start your macs webcam so you can take photos of your macs surroundings and maybe even get a photo of the thief. With the optimisation features you can select which apps you want to run at start up and keep track of all of your updates with the update tracker. You can also use the duplicates finder in the cleaning section to optimise your mac by getting rid of duplicate saved files.

This is not a typical mackeeper review because I have never used mackeeper before but it is a great article that hopefully showed you all of the good that comes out of one app. Consider mackeeper the next time you want to protect your mac or just make it run faster.

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